Recycling centre access policy

Access policy changes

The council's access policy is still in place with the following amendments:

  • You no longer need a permit however you will need to book an appointment in advance of your visit
  • Standard domestic pick-ups are temporarily excluded from the access policy
  • Single axle trailers are temporarily included in the access policy and require an appointment 
  • Pedestrian access is temporarily prohibited

See information about how our waste services are affected by coronavirus.

The council operates an access policy at all its recycling centres. The access policy helps to reduce congestion, increase safety and prevent trade waste being deposited illegally.

The recycling centres will accept household rubbish delivered by:

  • A car (the car can be towing a single axle trailer up to 3m long) with an appointment
  • A van** (with no more than 4 wheels) with an appointment
  • A twin axle trailer (up to 3m long) with an appointment

Book appointment for a van or trailer

An appointment is not required if visiting in just a car.

A van is:

  • Any vehicle without side rear windows
  • Any flat-back vehicle

The length of a trailer refers to the area used to carry the waste, not the rear lights or the towing mechanism.

The recycling centres will not accept household rubbish delivered by:

  • Any vehicle with more than four wheels
  • Any tipper vehicle
  • Any trailer more than 3 metres long

Any vehicle carrying trade waste will not be allowed to deposit rubbish at a Lancashire County Council recycling centre.

Please Note: The three recycling centres operated by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Blackpool Borough Council may operate different access policies.