Active Travel in Lancashire

We want to encourage people to start walking and cycling for regular journeys, such as going to work, or to the shop. 

It's better for the environment and it's healthier too!

We're asking that if you do have to travel, to think about how you do it to help manage social distancing, and avoid contributing to congestion on the roads.

We have been looking at measures which can be quickly introduced to encourage walking and cycling, and support social distancing in busy pedestrian areas.

Let us know

Since corona virus lockdown, we have introduced a range of temporary measures across the county, creating more space for people to safely walk or cycle as an alternative to public transport and also to help people adhere to social distancing guidance.

There may be some inconvenience to motorised traffic users, however we are monitoring these measures closely to limit these impacts.    

If you notice or experience any serious issues with these temporary measure, please let us know by completing our quick eform.

Please note that if you need to report a problem on our highways, that are not linked to these temporary measures, you can do so here: Report a fault in the highway.

Tell us about issues

Walking and cycling

The benefits

Walking and cycling can help to:

  • improve your physical health
  • improve your mental wellbeing
  • save money
  • reduce congestion on our roads
  • reduce pressure on public transport
  • improve our air quality

Think about your journey and if you can do it by walking or cycling.

Active Travel schemes

We have introduced a number of new measures to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in busy areas whilst maintaining social distancing.

We have reallocated some of our road spaces, by creating modal filters and pop-up cycle lanes. This will help people who have chosen to travel in different ways rather than by public transport or car as lock down continues to ease.

A modal filter, sometimes referred to as a road closure, is a road design that restricts the passage of certain types of vehicle. Examples of modal filters include cul-de-sacs, bollards, boom barriers and planters. Modal filtering is often used to help create a low traffic neighbourhood, where a transport network is reconfigured to divert motor traffic away from residential streets and instead toward feeder roads.

Pop-up cycle lanes are temporary cycling routes on existing roads, created by adding bollards, cones, or water barriers to separate cyclists from other traffic.

In some cases there may be a loss of car parking, however the measures are temporary as part of our response to the coronavirus crisis, and we will keep them under review.

There are temporary new measures at the following locations:



  • Frenchwood Avenue (temporary road closure except for cycles and pedestrians)
  • Fishwick Parade(temporary road closure except for cycles and pedestrians)
  • Fletcher Road(temporary road closure except for cycles and pedestrians)
  • Fylde Road (two-way cycle route on both sides of the road)
  • Additional side road closure along Fishergate to reduce traffic and support social distancing
  • Strand Road (protected cycle lane)

South Ribble

  • Shady Lane and Nell Lane (temporary road closure except for cycles and pedestrians)
  • Liverpool Road/Penwortham Hill (both sides of the road) 

West Lancashire

  • Ruff Lane will be closed to through-traffic at its junction with St Helens Road to reduce the number of vehicles using Ruff Lane, making it a quieter route which is better suited for cyclists.
  • A barrier will be placed along the western edge of Railway Road from its junction with Leyland Way to Derby Street to create more space for pedestrians using this busy link between the town centre and the railway station. This will result in the temporary loss of some parking.
  • Yew Tree Road, Ormskirk (modal filter, cycles only)

Future investment

We will be working with partners to look at how to make best use of funding from the government to encourage walking and cycling, as well as funding which district and borough councils have received to help to reopen high streets safely.

We have an ongoing programme of investment to improve Lancashire's cycling and walking infrastructure but we're currently looking at some proposals we hope be able to bring in very quickly to support everyday journeys as life begin to return to normal.

Actively moving forward

Our Vision is: "More people cycling and walking for everyday and leisure journeys in Lancashire".

Read more about our Vision, our targets, and how we aim to achieve these targets.

More information

We have had to do a number of things for the first time due to the coronavirus and the priority is to control the spread of the virus.

We would ask people to be patient with us as we introduce measures to help people social distance based on what's worked elsewhere, and monitor how they work.

We have provided further information about the pop-up cycle lanes, to try and answer any questions you may have.

Some bus stops will need to be temporarily closed or moved as part of social distancing measures. 

Notices will be in place to advice of the nearest alternative bus stop. 

Bus stops currently affected are: 


  • The Fishergate bus stop (outside Boots) has been temporarily suspended - the nearest bus stop is outside the Evoque nightclub, around 50m away.


We are only able to enforce parking in a cycle lane where restrictions, such as double yellow lines, are in place.  This includes our temporary pop-up cycle lanes.

We are working on putting some temporary traffic regulation orders in place to allow parking restrictions to be enforced on our temporary cycle lanes. When they do become enforceable we'll put up signs to let people know they could receive a penalty if they park there.

We have assessed the impact of the pop-up cycle lanes on all road users and have constructed them in places where we think they will provide most benefit to cyclists, and relatively minimal impact on other users.

With much less capacity on public transport (due to social distancing) there is a risk of severe congestion in city centres if we do nothing. We want to prevent this by encouraging more people to cycle and walk.

However they are temporary and we will be monitoring how they're used, and keeping them under review.

Due to the urgency to reopen our town and city centres safely, we have been unable to notify or consult people in the way we normally would, before putting these measures in place. 

We have not put any bollards where there is a dropped kerb. People should not be mounting the kerb to access their houses, where there is not a dropped kerb. If there is a problem with access, we would ask you to email our Safer Travel Team.  

We are sorry for the temporary loss of parking. However, the priority at the moment is to create these lanes to help with social distancing as we reopen town centres. 

The primary purpose of roads is to carry traffic, and we are prioritising making these roads safer for cyclists.