Public rights of way map

Public rights of way disclaimer
The digitised rights of way information is updated regularly to record changes to the rights of way network. The map has been produced to assist you in your visits to the countryside. It is not a legal record and is simply intended to record the approximate position of public rights of way. For other purposes you should consult the legal record of public rights of way (the Definitive Map and Statement)

The public rights of way information shown on this system has been digitised from the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way, which is the legal record of public rights of way - footpaths, bridleways and byways – together with orders which have taken effect since the Definitive Map was drawn.

The original paper copy of the Definitive Map can be inspected at Lancashire County Council's office at Preston, during normal office hours.
Some public rights of way may exist which are not shown on the Definitive Map.

Problems and Queries
Please contact the The Public Rights of Way team, or telephone 01772 530317, if you think that a public right of way is shown incorrectly on this information system, or that a public right of way has been omitted, or if you experience any difficulties when using the public rights of way network.