Homeless households

Services for the homeless

Local authorities have a duty to help homeless people who fit certain criteria, and those who may be about to become homeless. Anyone requiring information on services for the homeless should use the appropriate unitary authority, district council or voluntary organisation links in the related information panel.


Households assessed and owed a duty

The c1,881+ households assessed as homeless and owed a relief duty in Lancashire-12 was c1.3% of the England figure of 149,160, while there were c2,572+ households threatened with homelessness and owed a prevention duty in 2020/21, which was c1% of the England total (268,560). Preston had the highest 'homeless and owed a relief duty' figure in the Lancashire-12 area, we know this because the total of 422 for just three quarters exceeds the totals of all the authorities in the Lancashire-12 area, but Preston City Council did not submit accurate data to MHCLG for one quarter, and also Lancaster City Council failed to submit data for two quarters. Ribble Valley was the lowest ranked in England for households with a prevention duty owed.

Households accepted as homeless and in priority need 

In the Lancashire-12 area in 2020/21, around 139 households were accepted as being homeless and in priority need, which equates to just 0.35% of the England total of 39,210.

Households in temporary accommodation

For England as a whole, households in temporary accommodation have increased substantially from 64,710 in the 2014/15 financial year to 95,855 in 2020/21. Those in Lancashire-12 have increased by 88% to 250 households compared to 2019/20, but this is just 0.26% of the England figure.

Rough sleepers

For autumn 2021, estimates were provided by local authorities that together came to c30 rough sleepers in the Lancashire-12 area and c60 in the Lancashire-14 area. For England as a whole the figure was 2,440. These estimates are now based on the Rough sleeping interactive map.

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Further analysis

Homeless households 2020/21 and rough sleepers 2021 - full article (PDF 258 KB)

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