Housing overview

Six broad issues affecting the local housing market

Housing dashboard

Visualisation of housing data.

Dwelling stock by council tax band

Dwelling stock split by eight tax bands

Dwelling stock by tenure

Total stock split by four tenure designations

Homeless households

Action under the homelessness provisions of the 1985, 1996 and 2017 housing acts

House price to earnings ratios

Median house price to median individual earnings ratio

Household projections

Household projections 2018 to 2043

Housing starts and completions

Permanent dwellings started and completed within a set period of time

Additional affordable housing

Affordable housing starts and completions, analysis and dashboard

Net additional dwellings and demolitions

Figures from returns submitted by local authorities

Residential property market

average house prices by four house types and all property tyres and repossession figures

Vacant dwellings

Residential accommodation that is empty at a particular point of time.

Green Belt land

The extent and locations of Green Belt land in Lancashire - redirects to a page in the Environment section