Net additional dwellings and demolitions

Net additional dwellings

For the Lancashire-12 area, the net additional dwellings data for 2021/22 reveal a total of 5,250, up by 12.3% on the previous year (4,670).

In 2021/22, Preston (1,060), Wyre (730), South Ribble (510) and Ribble Valley (500) recorded the highest yearly increases in the Lancashire-12 area, whilst the figure for Rossendale was just 120.

For the Lancashire-14 area, the 2021/22 net additional dwellings figure of 5,950 was the highest this century

Over the ten year period from 2012/13 to 2021/22, the number of net additional dwellings in England totalled 1,990,570 while in the Lancashire-12 area the figure was 40,900 (45,450 in the Lancashire-14 area).

Preston (5,530) has seen the greatest total number of net additional dwellings since 2012/13 in the Lancashire-12 area, followed by Chorley (5,480) and Lancaster (4,230). Fylde, Ribble Valley, South Ribble and Wyre each had around 3,600. Apart from Ribble Valley all of these local authorities lie in the western part of the Lancashire-12 area. The East Lancashire authorities of Burnley (1,920), Hyndburn (840), Pendle (1,760) and Rossendale (1,480) have registered the lowest number of net additional dwellings since 2012/13 in the Lancashire-12 area.

A time series showing yearly net additional dwellings for each of the Lancashire-14 local authority areas since 2001/02 is available to view on our housing dashboard

Demolitions and change of use

The Lancashire-14 area has a large number of old terraced properties at the lower end of the price range that present significant issues. New dwelling stock is vitally important, but parts of the Lancashire-14 area also have to address the problems of a dysfunctional housing-market in certain areas, especially in the east of the area. The Elevate / Regenerate Pennine Lancashire housing market renewal pathfinder was intended to do just that, although it ended partway through the project's proposed timespan.

In 2021/22, the net additional dwellings figure for the Lancashire-12 area (5,250) included -40 demolitions, offset by new build (+4,640), net change of use (+650), net conversions (+20) and net other gains and losses (-20).

Further analysis and link to housing dashboard

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