Green belt land


According to Green Belt statistics published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Lancashire 12-authority area contained around 70,180 hectares (ha) designated as 'Green Belt' in 2018/19, or approximately 24% of the land area. A substantial proportion of the Green Belt land in the Lancashire-12 area is designated in West Lancashire district (44.2%), owing to the large amount of top grade farmland.

Between 2017/18 and 2018/19, thirteen local authorities in England have seen a reduction in Green Belt land. The net result is a decrease of 3,290 ha in Green Belt across England; in 2018/19, the Green Belt covered 1,621,150 ha, or 12.4% of England's total land area. 

Of the thirteen authorities affected by variations, three: Wyre, Fylde and Burnley are in the Lancashire-14 area. The changes in Fylde (+10 ha) and Burnley (-10 ha) are very minor, but in Wyre 70 ha were removed from classification.

The latest statistics also include revisions to the 2017/18 totals, which in the case of West Lancashire was revised down by the 3,020 ha of Green Belt land between the high and low tide limits. This and the consequent change for Lancashire should not be considered a real reduction in Green Belt land area.

Further analysis

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