A summary of environmental issues in Lancashire

Environment and transport dashboard

Visualisation of environment and transport data.

Bathing water quality

Lancashire beaches monitored by the Environment Agency

Air quality

Local estimates per square kilometre of results from the national atmospheric emissions inventory

Monitoring of air quality and health impacts

Locations of sites, air quality management areas, and air quality health indicators

Greenhouse gas emissions

Emissions of main greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide) in Lancashire, the North West and the UK

Carbon dioxide emissions

Emissions of carbon dioxide in Lancashire, the North West and the UK

Environment and conservation maps

National, international and local definitions

Biodiversity, land used for leisure and landowners

Organisations with environmental and commercial interests in Lancashire

Green belt land

The extent and locations of green belt land in Lancashire

Household recycling, municipal waste and fly-tipping

Local yearly statistics from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs

Lancashire's heritage

Heritage at risk, conservation, museums and the heritage index from the Royal Society of Arts

Lancashire Insight: Urban and rural definitions

Small areas classified by four rural and two urban definitions

River water quality

Lancashire rivers and lakes monitored by the Environment Agency