Lancashire's heritage

Lancashire's built heritage includes historic buildings of many sizes, periods and types, ranging from the humblest barn to the grandest mansion. This remarkable richness and variety reflects the distinctive aspects of the county's history and contributes to the economic life of the county, and the quality of life enjoyed today by residents and visitors alike.
We here provide further analysis on heritage at risk and listings of historic buildings; organisations involved in conservation and regeneration; a variety of other heritage lists; Lancashire museums, historic houses and art purchases; and the heritage, identity and place results from the Royal Society of Arts.

All of the Lancashire heritage at risks sites and the theatres at risk can be identified in the Microsoft Power BI slide

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Key facts for the Lancashire-12 area

These key findings are based on data for heritage at risk and listed buildings from Historic England and theatre buildings at risk from the Theatres Trust.

  • The recently launched Lancashire Local List contains over 1,000 local heritage assets
  • The 'Accrington Acre' heritage programme has been awarded £20 million from the Levelling Up Fund
  • Over £2 million was allocated to heritage related projects from lottery funds in the Lancashire-12 area (January to December 2022)
  • There are 12 buildings in the most at risk category 'A' in the Lancashire-12 area
  • There are around 20 other buildings and 25 other sites on the at risk register in the Lancashire-12 area 
  • There are 5,267 listed buildings in the Lancashire-12 area
  • This included 72 Grade I and 263 Grade II* listed buildings
  • There are two theatre/former theatre buildings in the Lancashire-12 area on the 'theatre buildings at risk' list formulated by the Theatres Trust

The heritage sites at risk and theatres at risk are shown in this Microsoft Power BI slide. Toggle between the two datasets. To make the map slide full-screen size, click on the double-headed arrow on the right hand corner of the footer (bottom right) Click escape(Esc) to return to normal page display.

Figure 1. Heritage sites at risk and theatres at risk in Lancashire-14

Further analysis

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