Living with physical disabilities

Our aim is to support people with a disability or long term condition to live independently, in their own home for as long as they want or are able to. If you have a disability, there are many organisations that may be able to help you stay as independent as possible. It is important that you make choices that are right for you to live the life you want. There is a range of support available:

If we have agreed you are eligible for our support and given you a budget, you may choose to contact our Adult Disability Service to arrange the support you need which includes day services, care at home and help finding work or volunteering.

We understand you may not want to ask us for our support. You may have read our assessment and eligibility criteria and feel you are not eligible for our services. If so, other options for arranging your own care or a little bit of help are available. If you have tried these options or feel you need our support find out about getting our support.

If you have a carer they may be able to get some help and support from services for carers.