Starting secondary school (Year 7)

Information for parents about applying for Year 7 places for September 2024.

When you apply for your child's school place, remember to consider how your child will get to school. To help you plan for the school run see our school transport web pages.

9. Advice and support

If you need more information you can contact the admissions team at your area education office.

If you need help accessing or completing the online application form contact the customer access centre:

For independent advice about school admissions visit the ACE Education Advice website.

Paper application forms

If making an online application is not possible there is a paper application form. You can download it here or contact the area education office.

Printable PDF booklets

All information for parents applying for a school place is available on these web pages or related pages.

However, if you would like to print or view the information as a PDF, you can also download the information as documents.

Download information about the admission criteria and process in the following document:

Download local school information in the admissions policy booklets by area:

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Apply online for a school place

Apply online

The deadline to apply for a Year 7 place is 31 October. Any applications received after the deadline will be classed as late.