Dealing with death

Losing someone can leave a huge hole, even if their death was expected because of illness or age.

It helps to talk and to remember them, even if it is difficult. If no one talks to you, try talking to them. They may be feeling just as unsure as you. It will help you both to share feelings and memories.

Go to the funeral if you think it will help, you can say goodbye and celebrate their life. Afterwards it’s OK to remember someone in whichever way is best for you, for example; visit their grave, make up a scrapbook about them, keep photographs or objects to remember them by, plant a tree or plan an event to mark the anniversary.


If you would like help, get in touch with us for confidential information, advice and support.

Other organisations that can help you if someone you care about dies:

  • Hope Again - support for young people after the death of someone close
  • The Samaritans - someone to talk to about anything, anytime
  • Help 2 Make Sense - website and helpline to help you make sense of your loss