Highways surface dressing programme

Our surface dressing programme work is scheduled to take place from May to August. 

Surface dressing is an extremely cost effective way of maintaining a road. It restores skidding resistance and seals the road surface to prevent water ingress. Hot bitumen is sprayed onto the road and chippings are then applied and rolled in. The road is then swept to remove excessive chippings.

Our Road Maintenance Service will carry out carriageway surface dressing work as scheduled below.

Carriageway micro asphalt works

What is carriageway micro asphalt?

Micro Surfacing Treatment – Micro Surfacing is a type of carriageway surface treatment used to prolong the life of a road by 10-15 years. Micro surfacing is quicker, less noisy and cleaner than traditional carriageway resurfacing because it is not necessary to remove large volumes of existing carriageway surface.

What is involved?

First the road will be swept clean. The surface will then be sprayed with a bitumen binder. This will be followed by the application of a layer of stone chippings. These chippings will be pressed into the bitumen binder by a road roller. All lining, including disabled bay and resident H-bar markings, will be replaced 14 days after the work has been fully completed.


The following work is weather dependent. 

Date District Road Traffic Management
13/07/2019 West Lancs A506 Liverpool Road, Ormskirk
(Long Moss Lane to A570)
Stop & Go
13/07/2019 West Lancs A577 Neverstitch Road
(Halfmile Island to School Lane)
Stop & Go
13/07/2019 Wyre B5270 School Lane, Windmarleigh
(B5270 to Bend Full Length)
Road Closure
13/07/2019 Wyre C308 Lancaster Road
(Bradshaw Lane to Rawcliffe Road)
Road Closure
14/07/2019 West Lancs C164 Briars Lane, Ormskirk
(Briars Brook to Roundabout after petrol station)
Stop & Go
14/07/2019 Wyre C308 Lancaster Road
(Bradshaw Lane to Rawcliffe Road)
Road Closure
15/07/2019 Chorley C191 Park Hall Road, Chorley
(Wood Lane to Mill Lane)
Stop & Go
15/07/2019 Lancaster Rakehouse Brow, Quernmore
(Rigg Lane to Abbeystead Lane)
Road Closure
15/07/2019 Chorley Spendmore Lane/New Road, Coppull
(Lowerburgh Way to Spendmore Lane & Regent Street to House 302)
Stop & Go
15/07/2019 Fylde A584 Lytham Road
(Boundary Road to Hope Church)
Road Closure (Overnight)
16/07/2019 Chorley A49 Preston Road, Coppull
(Wigan boundary to Spendmore Lane)
Stop & Go
16/07/2019 Chorley Finnington Lane, Chorley
(Bolton Road to Moulden Brow)
Stop & Go
16/07/2019 Rossendale A680 Rochdale Road, Edenfield
(Rochdale Boundary to Market Street)
Stop & Go

Speed reduction and parking

There will be speed reduction signs in place for the duration of the work and until the final sweep has taken place. We advise that you keep to the indicated speed limit until the signs are removed.

Yellow 'NO PARKING' signs will be erected before the works start. These signs will provide information on date and time of work.

There will be 'NO PARKING' during the days we are working.

If the road you live on is affected

If you live on the roads where we are carrying out surface dressing, then you should have received a letter prior to the works taking place. The letter will inform you about what precautions you should take.

If you need help in getting in or out of your property, please ask the operatives or traffic management team on site for assistance.


Before getting into your car or entering your home, please check that you and your family do not have bitumen on your shoes; it may be necessary to remove them before entering your property.

In the case of business premises, we are obliged to maintain access, but as there are no practical ways in which we can cover the treated surfaces and cannot prevent people from walking on them, we suggest you place a temporary covering inside your premises.

If, in spite of these precautions, you get bitumen on your clothes or shoes, it can be removed with a proprietary cleaner.