Enforcing moving traffic offences consultation

We are planning to use new powers granted to Local Authorities to enforce certain moving traffic offences. These offences include:

  • turning left, right or making u-turns when instructed not to do so
  • driving the wrong way up one-way streets
  • entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear
  • driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited

These powers do not include speeding which remains the responsibility of the police.

We will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify drivers.

During the first six months of enforcement warning notices will be issued for a first offence allowing us to educate drivers about the contravention that they have committed.

The benefits of these powers include:

  • improved road safety
  • improved air quality
  • reduced journey time and congestion


To allow us to apply for the powers we have selected four initial locations with prohibited turns and a one-way street. 

Accrington - Hyndburn Road (McDonalds) - prohibited right turn

The junction has been designed to encourage the left turn only from west bound traffic. Vehicles approaching the town (eastbound) should go around the roundabout to gain access to the retail park.

Visibility is restricted for vehicles exiting the roundabout approaching the entrance when presented with vehicles crossing the lane to access the the retail park. Vehicles wanting to turn right can create delays for inbound vehicles leading to increased congestion hence the prohibited right turn.

The junction has had two accidents in the last two years.

Lancaster - Morecambe Road (Aldi) - prohibited right turn

We receive regular complaints about traffic turning right out of the junction. This requires vehicles to come into conflict with traffic that may be queuing to enter the junction on the right turn lane. The junction has been designed to encourage the left turn only and abuse increases the risk of accidents on this busy stretch of road.

The junction has had three accidents in the last five years.

Preston - Charnley Street, one way section from Corporation Street to St Wilfred Street

Abuse of the no entry/one way street to exit onto Corporation Street. The route is popular with drivers avoiding the bus gate on Fishergate. Whilst no injury accidents have been recorded at the junction the road layout has been designed to narrow the entry point for single file traffic. Vehicles entering Charnley Street do not expect a conflict with an oncoming vehicle and pedestrians crossing the road are less likely to use Charnley Street for the same reason.

Enforcement at this location will and reduce rat running through the city centre and reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians at the junction of Charnley Street and Corporation Street.

Preston - Ringway and Bow Lane junction - prohibited u-turn

Abuse of the no u-turn and no right turn signs.

The police have provided enhanced enforcement and temporary signs to deter abuse of the prohibited movements which have been put in place.

Drivers who ignore the signs can come into conflict with pedestrians using the pedestrian crossing.

The junction has had 4 accidents in the last 5 years

Ringway and Bow Lane junction (west bound)

Ringway and Bow Lane junction (east bound)

Once the powers have been granted, we will be able to consider other locations without having to reapply to The Department for Transport (DfT).

Have your say

Before applying for the powers we carried out a six week consultation about these initial locations where we are proposing to implement enforcement measures using traffic enforcement cameras.

If we are given the powers, people will also have the chance to comment on any further new sites planned, as the regulations require that a six week public consultation is held for any proposed new sites before they can be enforced.

If we are successful in applying for these powers, enforcement of the four initial locations proposed is expected to start around Summer 2023.

The consultation closed on Sunday 27 November 2022.