School Appeals

School Appeals Traded Service from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

Lancashire County Council's School Admission Appeals Service provides a highly professional and efficient service to the schools of Lancashire. Our team is committed to ensuring that all School Admission Appeal hearings are conducted fairly, equally and within the legislative framework and appeals code.

School Admission Appeals is a specialist area and getting it right is vital to mitigating the risk of judicial challenge, time consuming complaints or reputational damage. We provide a comprehensive service which will ensure you comply with the Admission Appeals Code, meet statutory timelines, and stay abreast of current legislation. We have the considerable experience and expertise in this often-contentious specialist area to provide experienced support to all aspects of the administration of School Admission Appeals.

The appeals process needs to be independent from school admissions and the governing body, so cannot be undertaken by anyone in the employ of the school or anyone whose impartiality could be called into question in any way. School Admission Appeals take place at regular intervals, these are held at various venues. The service will enable your school to access a comprehensive service that provides for all your needs.


The charge for this service is based on the size of school. The charging bands have been consulted upon, revised and agreed by the Lancashire School's Forum and this also is in line with other Traded Services offered to Lancashire schools.

Please note that this charge is based on the cost recovery of the service only.

Size of School

Cost to School for 2023-24

(Financial Year)


Schools with less than 99 pupils


Schools with 100 – 199 pupils


Schools with 200 – 499 pupils


Schools with 500 – 999 pupils


Schools with over 1000 pupils


Pay As You Go Option Per Appeal

Cost to School for 2023-24

(Financial Year)


Admission Appeal (per pupil)


Independent Review of Exclusion

(Per pupil)



For any additional information from the School Appeals Service please contact: the Appeals Team  Tel 01772 536776 Jane Jackson.

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