Lancashire Trading Standards Alcohol & Tobacco Team
Lancashire Trading Standards Alcohol & Tobacco Team

Community Alcohol Partnerships

Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) are part of a UK wide initiative set up to tackle underage drinking and reduce risk and vulnerability for young people in communities.

Lancashire Community Alcohol Partnerships develop localised action plans, which in general cover the following areas;

  • Tackling alcohol/substance related anti-social behaviour, vulnerability and risk-taking behaviour under 18's
  • Prevent young people becoming involved in violent crime
  • Ensuring compliance with Check 25, enhancing a responsible retail ethos within the specified geographical area
  • Reduce the proxy sale of alcohol to under 18s
  • Enhance alcohol awareness for young people and adults, including parents
  • Enhance diversionary activities for young people

We currently have two fully operational CAP's in the east of the county;


This CAP is an established partnership group, operating for 4 years. It brings together local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers. They identify and target areas where there are issues related to alcohol and young people to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and harms to young people.


Fylde Council and partners, AFC Fylde Community Foundation, Fylde Rugby Foundation, Park View 4U Trust, Streetwise, local policing team and LCC Children & Family Well Being Service are launching their Community Alcohol Partnership on September 7th 2021.

They have identified widespread issues of underage drinking particularly amongst 13/14year olds drinking spirits and putting themselves at risk. They will target the areas around Memorial Park, Kirkham and Lytham Green / Park View with positive activities. Education activities will also be delivered at secondary schools across the borough.


Recently launched in February 2019, the partnership is working together to tackle alcohol-related harm to young people and improve the quality of life for residents. It works closely with Hyndburn's licensed premises to promote a responsible retailing approach.


Has been operating on a CAP + scheme. After its initial year of successful delivery, it is currently under review for 2020 activity to look at delivering on a wider footprint and identify new partners / stakeholders.


This CAP was launched in November 2020 by a range of partner agencies, local businesses and community members.

How to set up a CAP in your area

If you are interested in establishing a CAP in your local area please contact the CAP North West Regional Adviser-  Jayne Boote (Community Alcohol Partnerships)

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