Welfare Rights Service

Lancashire County Council's Welfare Rights Service will provide help with the following:

Existing referrers – make a new referral

  • Working collaboratively with local services and organisations to provide training and support on benefits
  • During the Coronavirus pandemic, if you are resident in the Lancashire County Council area with significant financial difficulties and have been unable to sort out your benefit problems, you can email us with your query at wrscovid@lancashire.gov.uk
    Please note this is a temporary service offer which could be restricted or extended at any time, subject to demand.

Online training

We have developed free online training courses and guides on various benefit subjects. The courses are free of charge and you can register with an email address.

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Courses currently available:

  • Guide to completing the Personal Independence Form - a step by step guide on how to complete your PIP2 form
  • A guide to Personal Independence Payment – an in-depth course on what PIP is, who can claim, activities and descriptors, the 'reliability' and '50% of the time' rules and how they may affect entitlement, the claim process, the effect of an award on other benefits, practical case studies and exercises.
  • Introduction to Welfare Benefits – an overview of welfare benefits including earnings replacement benefits, disability benefits, means-tested and contributory benefits.

The Welfare Rights Service training courses and guides are regularly updated and new subjects added.