Blue Badges

7. Misuse of a Blue Badge

Blue Badges remain the property of the issuing authority who can ask for the badge to be returned if it is misused.

The Blue Badge is for use by the badge holder only. It is an offence to allow other people to use the Blue Badge to:

  • do something on your behalf such as shopping whilst you stay at home;
  • allow friends or family to park for free even if they are visiting you;
  • let non-disabled people take advantage of the benefits while you sit in the car.

The maximum fine for someone convicted is £1,000 plus any additional penalty for the related parking offence. 

If you see someone misusing a badge, please contact us:

Report misuse of a blue badge

Tel: 0300 123 6736

Please include the location, description of the driver and badge number. We will deal with all information confidentially.

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