Blue Badges

3. Payment for a Blue Badge

Blue Badges cost £10.

You can pay for this by card, during the application process. This will speed up the process of issuing your blue badge if you are successful.

If you are applying under the terminal illness category, your badge will be free of charge so you don’t need to make a payment during the application process. If however, you do make a payment and your badge is successful, this will be refunded.

Should your application not be successful, you will be contacted by phone and provided with a full refund.

Returns or cancellations are not accepted.

Blue badge scam

Please be aware of Blue Badge scam websites. They usually charge more than £10 (usually £49) for an application. However, this won’t guarantee that we will issue a Blue Badge to you.

These websites are not associated with the Blue Badge Service. The application form supplied by these websites is not accepted by local authorities.

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