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May 2021 – PIVATS updates

Decommissioning of PIVATS 4 On-Line – 31st August 2021

As of the 31st August 2021 the decision has been taken to decommission the PIVATS 4 on-line analysis tool which was superseded by its PIVATS 5 replacement in 2016.

To allow schools to transition to the newer version the two systems have run concurrently ever since, but due to the limited number of existing users, we are now no longer able to justify supporting its functionality and so it will be decommissioned at the end of the current academic year on the 31st August 2021.

Having taken the advise of our colleagues in Records Management, once the on-line version of PIVATS 4 is decommissioned the data contained within it will be securely deleted.

In order for schools to export the assessment data from the system, prior to its deletion, they can do so by generating a csv file using the report entitled "Data Download" from the list of reports available on the PIVATS 4 on-line analysis tool.

Responsibility for the data which is stored on the system remains with individual schools and once exported the data should be retained in line with their normal school/local authority operational retention arrangements.

For further information, please contact the PIVATS Team on (01772) 531555 or via ADV.pivats@lancashire.gov.uk

PIVATS and the Engagement Model:

As many of you will be aware, from September 2021, it will become statutory for pupils working below subject-specific study (the old P scales 1-4) to be assessed against the Engagement Model. If pupils are end of KS, schools will have to report which children are assessed against this but not their actual assessments.

The PIVATS office have received several enquiries as to whether PIVATS can still be used and there have been some misunderstandings where people are under the impression that 'PIVATS is going'.

Regarding the Engagement Model, p.5 of the DFE guidance states,

"It will not necessarily replace a school’s existing plans, assessments and reporting systems, but adds value to them by helping schools assess pupils’ progress from a different angle." 

Therefore, schools can still choose to use PIVATS as an 'in-school' assessment resource. For information please see the presentation (PDF 243 KB).

The PIVATS team will bring out guidance on how PIVATS can be used to support assessment against the Engagement Model in due course.

PIVATS and the PSED toolkit:

We are excited to announce that the PIVATS toolkit is now available. This is a practical resource that sits alongside the PIVATS PSED assessment tool. As many of you will be aware, PIVATS PSED can be used for assessing children's independence and self-help skills; social awareness and relationships; behaviour for learning and emotional aspects. Although many schools have found PIVATS PSED to be particularly useful for children with SEND who experience SEMH challenges, it can also be used more widely with groups and even whole classes. Many of the assessment criteria now have information and resources/guidance on how to develop those particular aspects of PSED with practical teaching and learning suggestions – so it is a very practical resource.

Schools may find it particularly useful at the moment in light of the COVID situation and the fact that OFSTED highlighted the large number of children who have regressed in terms of social and emotional learning. Also, the EEF toolkit highlights that social and emotional learning may increase children's progress by an additional four months.

To see a demonstration of samples of the PSED toolkit and to view a range of short videos relating to PIVATS and its associated resources, you can visit the PIVATS website.

Alternatively you can contact the PIVATS team on (01772) 531555 or via pivats@lancashire.gov.uk.

The cost of the toolkit is £50 (plus VAT where applicable) for those schools which have already purchased the PSED milestones, in either DVD or hard copy format, or £180 (plus VAT where applicable) where they have not.

To order the toolkit please complete the order form.

On-line PIVATS training now available

In addition to the range of PIVATS resources outlined above, we are now delighted to be able to announce that we can offer schools secure on-line training sessions, specifically designed, to facilitate individual needs.

Further details are accessible on the PIVATS website.

To discuss this in more detail please contact llemonitoring@lancashire.gov.uk or Lancashire Professional Development Service on (01257) 516100.

PIVATS PSED - Social Awareness and Relationships - Milestone 4 Stage 1

Following the publication of the PIVATS PSED folder and DVD-Rom it has come to light that there was an omission in the area of "Social Awareness and Relationships". Milestone 4 Stage 1 is now available for those who have purchased the product. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PIVATS Milestones and the Pre-Key Stage Standards

Our PIVATS P Scale milestones are originally based on the old P Scale descriptors – however, in many instances, they have had additional information added into them to exemplify assessment of learning at that particular 'level'. With the P Scales being removed for statutory assessment, the PIVATS team had to re-evaluate the place of the PIVATS P Scale Milestones within the PIVATS assessment tool. It was decided to keep them in as they are still viable for showing progression for in-school assessment. However, it was recognised that they do not correlate exactly with the pre-key stage standards – hence please see the link below to the guidance document to support end of key stage statutory assessment.

Pre Key Stage Standards and PIVATS guidance (PDF 114 KB).

Performance indicators for valued assessment and targeted learning

Assessment of learning, performance monitoring and effective target setting for pupils well below national expectations for their age.

Raising standards of achievement within an inclusive education system is an essential expectation for all pupils. All young people in our schools have the right to receive an education of the highest quality which is appropriate to their needs and aptitudes. They should have every opportunity to develop skills which will help them to contribute effectively to an increasingly complex and changing society. They should achieve their full potential, regardless of special educational needs or disabilities, social or other contextual factors - and their achievements should be recognised.

We can raise attainment by working with all the stakeholders and agencies in education and by our commitment to implement coherent approaches to improvement and change. Assessing small steps of attainment, setting challenging but realistic targets and tracking pupil achievement and progress are essential to this process.

PIVATS provides a structured approach to assessing, planning for learning, tracking and measuring small steps in attainment, focusing within the PIVATS structure on small steps within the P scales up to the revised national curriculum Y4 age related expectations.

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