New PIVATS developments – Now available

Following the October half term we released the revised versions of the PIVATS 5 milestones in the areas of:

  • Number
  • Using and Applying
  • Reading
  • "Talking and Communication" (formerly "Speaking")
  • "Listening and Understanding" (formerly "Listening)

Any educational setting ,which our records show had purchased the PIVATS 5 milestones in any format, will have been sent the revised versions outlined above by e-mail. If you have not received your revised copies and should have done please can you contact the PIVATS Team on (01772) 531555 or via

Purchase the PIVATS 5 milestones 

Purchase the PIVATS PSED milestones

PIVATS extension packs

Additionally the "extension packs" in the areas of "Number" and "Reading" are now available for to order.

In a similar approach to the PIVATS PSED Toolkit, the "Extension packs" will present the user with electronic versions of the afore-mentioned milestones, which contain a number of hyperlinks to associated resources, designed to assist the child in meeting the requirement of the indicator in question.  

The "Number" version will be split into two sections.

  1. P6 to Milestone 2
  2. Milestones 3 and 4

The latter version will be released at a later date and we will publish details of this when we have them in due course.

The cost of the extension packs will be £50 (plus VAT where applicable) each.

Order the extension packs

PIVATS short training videos

In addition to the PIVATS "Extension Packs", the following training videos are also now available to order.

"An Introduction to PIVATS 5"

"An Introduction to PIVATS PSED"

The videos are available to purchase at a cost of £50 (plus VAT where applicable) each.

To access the videos which are housed on the private section of YouTube it is necessary for those who order the videos to provide a g-mail e-mail address, to which the necessary links and accompanying resources will be sent in due course.

Access to the videos will be limited to four weeks, after which access will be removed.

Order the videos

Should you have any questions relating to any of these developments you can contact the PIVATS Team on (01772) 531555 or via