Family Hubs – information for practitioners

If you are a practitioner and you would like to learn more about Family Hubs or get involved, there are lots of resources available to you.

About the network

Visit the Family Hubs network page for information about our local Family Hubs Network including the Family Hubs location by district.

Family Hubs is a national framework which aims to ensure that all families have access to the same high-quality services and supportive relationships within their local area. You can find out more about the national framework on the National Centre for Family Hubs website.

Promotional resources

If your service is part of the Family Hubs Network, we have a range of logos, images and other resources which you can use to promote Family Hubs events and services.

Find a course

Related services

Community funding

Information to share with voluntary and community sector organisations:

  • Crowdfund Lancashire - of particular interest to community-based sports clubs, outdoor pursuits, competitions and events, walking and gentle exercise, health and wellbeing

Connect with other practitioners

Collaboration across partners is key to professionals understanding their roles, knowing what services exist and understanding how to guide families to appropriate services.

Lancashire's Community of Practice connects key practitioners within the Lancashire Children, Young People and Families Partnership using Slack.

The Slack workspace provides a collaborative space where people who share the same interest (improving outcomes for children, young people and families) can gather in a virtual space to share practice and ideas.

Join the Community of Practice workspace on Slack

Any professional from any organisation, by request, can be added to the space.

The space is not a place to discuss individual cases and participants remain governed by their organisational GDPR commitments.

To join the workspace, contact: