Developing Great Teaching

Active Learning

Active Learning

Is learning in the classroom relevant, enjoyable and motivational so that pupils
are engaged?

Adaptive Teaching

How effectively is formative assessment used to adapt teaching and learning before and during lessons? Is effective scaffolding of learning supporting all pupils to make progress and does learning include appropriate stretch and challenge?


Assessing Prior Learning

Is prior knowledge assessed before the lesson to inform planning? Is prior learning activated in lessons to connect new learning to previous learning?

Culture for Learning

Is there a positive and well-embedded ethos for learning which impacts significantly on pupils’ outcomes?



Does clear and timely feedback enable pupils to improve their learning?

Learning Environment

Is the learning environment tidy, well-organised and effective in supporting teaching and learning?

Learning Objectives

Do learning objectives reflect the intended knowledge or skill to be learnt in a lesson?


Does modelling effectively demonstrate and support the required learning?


Are outcomes age-related and sufficiently challenging?



Does questioning inform assessments and develop pupils' understanding?

Reviewing Learning

Reviewing Learning

Is learning regularly reviewed e.g. within lessons, daily, weekly, termly etc. and does this have a positive impact on outcomes?

Success Criteria

Success criteria

Are success criteria used effectively to scaffold the learning process?