Leading Foundation Stage Teachers

What is the leading Foundation Stage teacher scheme?

The Leading Foundation Stage Teacher Scheme was established in January 2003 to contribute to the continued development of high quality practice within the Foundation Stage in Lancashire.

A group of teachers working in a variety of settings and contexts throughout the County have been selected to offer support to other Foundation Stage practitioners by acting as exemplars and sharing good practice.

Through this scheme, headteachers, teachers and support staff such as nursery nurses have the opportunity to visit other schools, observe high quality teaching and early years provision and have discussion with lead teachers, who are working in a similar context.

The Leading Foundation Stage Teachers information sheet is available to download (please use the link at the end of this section as the one on the click form no longer works) for the Leading Foundation Stage teachers in your area. 

How do I book a visit to a school?

1. First select the specialism you wish to observe, taking into account considerations such as the context, setting and your particular area of interest from the details provided. If you are working with a nursery nurse or a teacher assistant, it is often useful for you to make the visit together.

2. Click the link below to apply to observe a Leading Foundation Stage Teacher.

3. If you are unable to attend on the date chosen, please contact Charlotte Carroll at Lancashire County Council by telephoning 01257 516166 or email advisory.support@lancashire.gov.uk as soon as possible.

4. In order to secure the continuation of this project and to aid our quality assurance arrangements, we would appreciate the completion of an evaluation form after the visit. This will be provided with your confirmation letter.

Apply to observe a Leading Foundation Stage Teacher

Guidance for Visitors


1. Be punctual. Carefully check the session time and try to arrive at least ten minutes earlier.
2. Have a clear focus of what you would like to achieve from the visit.
3. Show consideration to staff and children.
4. Move around the classroom and interact with the children when appropriate.
5. Feel free to ask questions and make comments.
6. Reflect on aspects of the visit that you can use in your setting.

Enjoy yourself!

Leading Foundation Stage teachers in a school near to you

Here is a list of all our LFST's, when looking for the LFST that suits your needs best, look for the particular strengths that they have to offer and the schools details in the further information section.

The 2nd and 3rd columns show you the districts in which the LFST works, you may need to take this into consideration for travelling purposes.

Please note that visits need to be organised at a mutually convenient time for both schools.