Census 2021

The latest figures from Census 2021, as they are rolled out

Population by single year of age

Visualisation of persons by single year of age (0 to 100 and over)

Household composition

The 22 household composition types, showing where in Lancashire there are differences from the national picture. The type 'All households with dependent children' is also considered

Household size

Analysis of the number of persons living in a household

Living arrangements

Analysis of marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation status of couples and divorced, separated or single status of individuals aged 16 or over living in households.

UK Armed Forces Veterans

A new topic included in Census 2021

Population by ethnicity and change 2011-21

Power BI report on ethnicity and ethnicity change

ONS Census 2021 Ethnic group maps (Burnley)

Interactive census maps published by ONS showing Ethnic Group identity (19 groups) for Burnley and other Lancashire districts

Household deprivation dimensions

Education, employment, health and disability and housing deprivation characteristics


Detailed analysis of affiliation to or identification with religion. Ward level and above.

Country of birth

Detailed analysis of country of birth indicated

Main language spoken

Detailed analysis on main languages spoken and degree to which English constituted main language as spoken in households

Ward profiles (build a custom area profile)

Lists of current wards for which a custom-built area profiles can be built by adding Census 2021 indicators (Under construction)