ONS Census 2021 Ethnic group maps (Burnley)

This set of maps use a tool made available by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which we have embedded in our Lancashire Insight web pages. The topic is set to Ethnic Group, under the wider topic of 'Identity', and is defined by ONS:

The ethnic group that the person completing the census feels they belong to. This could be based on their culture, family background, identity or physical appearance. Respondents could choose one out of 19 tick-box response categories, including write-in response options.

You can select from the 19 detailed categories, but you cannot change the topic. For other topics, go to the tool itself by clicking on the link specified as the source below the map. Only percentages are shown. The individual values for the middle layer super output areas are displayed, but if you zoom in further, values for the very small census output areas are shown instead. These only have codes, not names, but at a very small scale the street names appear.

Source: ONS Census maps