Population by ethnicity


The usual resident population of the Lancashire-14 area was 1,460,893 in the 2011 Census. The largest ethnic group was white (90%). The black and minority ethnic (BME) group formed 10% of the population.  Numerically, there were almost 141,000 black and minority ethnic people in the area.   

The usual resident population of the Lancashire-12 area was 1,171,339. The largest ethnic group was white (92%). The black and minority ethnic group made up 8% of the population. Numerically, there were over 90,000 black and minority ethnic people in the county.   

Within Lancashire-12, Pendle and Preston had one in five people (20%) who were black or minority ethnic. In Burnley and Hyndburn the rate was 12%. In Rossendale, whilst the percentage of BME was lower than in these four districts, it was still above the rate of other districts at 6%. Similarly in Lancaster the BME population was just over 4%.        

The numbers of people who are BME were by far the greatest in Preston, where there were almost 28,000. In Pendle there was a BME population of 18,000. A further 11,000 and 10,000 BME people live in Burnley and Hyndburn respectively.

Numbers were lower, but remain of note, in Lancaster (6,000) and Rossendale (4,200). Chorley and South Ribble had just over 3,000 BME people each.   

Together there were almost 67,000 BME people in Preston, Pendle, Burnley and Hyndburn. These 67,000 people were three-quarters of the Lancashire-12 area's BME population, whereas the total population of these districts makes-up a third of the total Lancashire-12 population.   

In Blackburn with Darwen almost 70% of the population was white. The proportion of the population who are BME, at 31%, was by far the highest in the Lancashire-14 area. The rate was three times greater than for Lancashire-14 and regional averages. Almost 45,500 people in Blackburn with Darwen were in the BME category.  

In contrast, in Blackpool the BME population was low at just under 5,000, accounting for just over 3% of the population.

Asian/Asian British was the largest minority ethnic group in both Lancashire-12 and Lancashire-14. In Lancashire-14, there were almost 115,000 Asian/Asian British people, and just over 71,000 in Lancashire-12.  It should be noted that this group now includes Chinese people, whereas in 2001 they were in the "other" ethnic group.  

The second largest minority ethnic group was mixed race. There were 16,300 mixed race people across Lancashire-14 and almost 13,000 mixed race people lived in Lancashire-12. The black/black British population numbered 5,377 in Lancashire-14, and just over 4,000 in Lancashire-12.

All the data for each Lancashire authority and each ward can be viewed in the interactive maps section. 

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Last updated January 2018