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The Lancashire-14 area had a slightly higher percentage of people married or in a same-sex civil partnership (46.6%) than the national average (45.9%). In the Lancashire-12 area the figure was 47.7%. Fylde, Ribble Valley and Wyre had rates in excess of 51% whilst in Blackpool there was a very low rate of 38.3%.

The single category is therefore slightly lower in Lancashire-14 (24.0%) and Lancashire-12 (23.4%), than the England and Wales average (25.8%). Rates below 20% were recorded in Ribble Valley and Wyre, whilst Preston had a much higher rate of 30.2%. 

Just over 9% of adults are separated or divorced in Lancashire-14. Rates are highest in Blackpool (12.5%) and Burnley and Hyndburn (at just over 10%).

The proportion of adults who are widowed or the remaining partner from a civil partnership was 7% in Lancashire-14. The proportion of adults who are in this category is undoubtedly connected to the age profile of local authority areas. The highest rates are in Fylde and Wyre. 

During the decade to 2011 figures show a decrease in the proportion of adults who are married or in a civil partnership. In the county council area and the wider Lancashire area this decrease was just over 5%. Conversely, the rate of adults cohabiting has risen in the last decade in Lancashire-14 by 2.4 percentage points. The rate of adults who are single and have never been married, increased over the decade, nationally by 2.8 percentage points to 25.8% (Lancashire-14 = 24.0%).

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Last updated May 2013