Marital status/civil partnerships


In total, 32.6% of adults in the Lancashire-14 area classified themselves as single (England and Wales=34.6%). Preston (40.9%) recorded the highest proportion of single residents in Lancashire-14, whilst the rate for Fylde was much lower at 26.4%. For England and Wales, 46.6% of residents aged 16 or over were classified as married, which was just below the Lancashire-14 rate of 46.9%. Six Lancashire authorities recorded married rates of above 50%, including Ribble Valley (54.6%). In contrast, the rate for Blackpool was just 39.0%.

Fylde and Wyre are localities noted to be popular with an older age group, and both recorded rates of above 9% for residents who were widowed or were a surviving partner from a civil partnership. 

Blackpool, with 0.5%, had the highest rate of people in a registered same sex civil partnership, and the highest divorce rate (13.1%). In comparison, the rate for Preston was just 8.7%. 

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Last updated July 2013