Pharmaceutical needs assessment

Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Board has a statutory duty to complete a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA). The PNA seeks to identify those local health needs which could be met by the provision of pharmaceutical services. Pan-Lancashire's PNA presents information about the demographics and health priorities of the local population alongside a detailed picture of current pharmaceutical provision. The PNA is used as the basis for decision making in response to application for new pharmacies.

The PNA is a key document which will be used by NHS England to inform decisions regarding applications for new or changes to existing pharmaceutical services. The PNA will also be used by NHS England to make decisions in the commissioning of NHS-funded services that can be provided by local community pharmacies. In addition, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups can also use the PNA when commissioning services to meet local health needs and priorities.

Pan-Lancashire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018

The executive summary and full PNA are available from the key documents panel on the right of this page, alongside the pharmacy opening hours. Please note, as the PNA is a large document it has been split into separate chapters.

The PNA includes information on:

  • pharmacies in Lancashire and the services they currently provide;
  • relevant maps relating to Lancashire and providers of pharmaceutical services in the area;
  • pharmacies in neighbouring HWB areas that might affect the need for services in Lancashire; and
  • potential gaps in provision and likely future needs for the population of Lancashire.

Any changes to the pharmacies listed in the pan-Lancashire PNA 2018, since its publication in April 2018, and key PNA 2015 documents can be viewed here. Changes may include the opening or closure of pharmacies or changing of hours of existing pharmacies. 

Supplementary statement

Page updated April 2019