Health and care

Statistics and intelligence about Lancashire including the Lancashire JSNA


Introduction to health and care, key findings from the JSNA annual commentary

Children and young people dashboard

Visualisation of social care, health and education data for children and young people

Child Health Profiles

Children and young people's health across the county


Physical and learning disabilities

Health and care services

Child immunisations, adults' and children's dental health and pharmaceutical needs assessment

Health inequalities

Differences in health outcomes between population groups, life expectancy

Health and wellbeing dashboard

Visualisation of health and wellbeing data, such as life expectancy

Infectious diseases

Hepatitis, HIV and tuberculosis


Lifestyle behaviours: smoking, drinking, physical activity, weight, healthy eating, drugs

Long-term conditions

Diseases of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, cancer, diabetes and liver disease

Maternity and infancy

Mother and infant health, breastfeeding, conceptions and abortions

Mental health and wellbeing

Common and severe mental illness, dementia, personal wellbeing, social isolation and loneliness, social participation, and suicide


Mortality, premature mortality, excess winter deaths

Public Health Outcomes Framework - district summaries

'At a glance' Public Health England profiles

Sexual health

Sexual health, chlamydia screening, genitourinary medicine (GUM)

Social care

Social care, carers, safeguarding, unpaid care, delayed transfers of care

Trauma and injury

Falls, unintentional and deliberate injuries

Working-age population

Health, lifestyle, long-term conditions, demographic and economic intelligence for the working-age population aged 16-64