Employment at universities

Universities have a range of different sites and in some cases these are in different counties. The figures provide accurate numbers of employees by institution, but not all the above employees, especially in the case of the University of Cumbria, are be based in Lancashire.    

The vast majority of University of Central Lancashire employees are in Preston, but the institution has an important presence at centres in Burnley and outside the county in Cumbria.  

Edge Hill is a former college of higher education. The main campus is in Ormskirk but there are also outreach centres across the North West and beyond therefore some of the employees will not be based in Lancashire. Lancaster University appears to be solely located at a large campus to the south of the town. The University of Cumbria is an institution with its main base outside the county, but an important site is the Lancaster campus.    

University employment in Lancashire, 2012/13-2014/15 (headcount) 

 Academic institution    2012/13    2013/14    2014/15 
 Academic Non-academic  Atypical (1)   Academic  Non-academic  Atypical (1)  Academic Non-academic  Atypical (1) 
 University of Central Lancashire  1,280 1,335  230  1,405  1,305  1,380  1,325  10 
 Edge Hill University  880  835  830  875  860  940  1,000  870  1,025 
 Lancaster University 1,440  1,490  225  1,650  1,545  245  1,735  1,640  165 
 University of Cumbria (numbers include Lancaster campus) 410  715  525  390  680  215  420  680  220 
 United Kingdom 185,585  196,935  74,075  194,245  201,535  75,040  198,335  205,500  75,560 

Source  Higher Education Statistics Agency

(1) Atypical employees cover non-permanent staff employed on one-off/short-term contracts, and those with complex working relationships.  

In addition to the four universities, there are examples of local academic institutions in the county that work in partnership with the universities in Lancashire, or those in other parts of the country, to offer degree level courses. One distinct example is the University College of Football Business (UCFB) at Turf Moor, Burnley. UCFB allows students to study for an undergraduate degree in football business within the heart of a professional football club. The courses are provided in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University.

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