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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published provisional estimates from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) for 2017. ASHE does not cover the self-employed or employees not paid during the reference period. A statistical bulletin, together with links to associated data tables, can be found via the ONS website.

Owing to the sample methodology used to compile the ASHE data, interpretation of the estimated figures requires considerable caution as the results have very wide margins of error. The estimated earnings, hours and percentage change figures should therefore be taken as a guide, rather than definitive results. They provide an idea of the relative differences between areas. The data may be revised in the future. 

Residence-based median weekly earnings

The median gross weekly earnings for residents (all employees) in the Lancashire-14 area was £398.70. This was £49.90, or 11.1%, lower than the UK figure of £448.60. Residence-based gross weekly median earnings had grown by 2.3% within the UK over the year, but by a more modest 1.2% in the Lancashire-14 area.

Fylde (£454.30), was the only authority in the Lancashire-14 area that had residence-based weekly median earnings above the UK figure of £448.60. In contrast, the figures for Blackpool (£337.30) and Blackburn with Darwen (£352.30) were the sixth and tenth lowest in Great Britain, both more than £95.00 below the UK weekly residence-based median earnings.

Workplace-based median weekly earnings 

Workplace-based gross weekly median earnings for all employees in the Lancashire-14 area was provisionally estimated at £399.90, which was £48.70, or 10.9%, below the UK figure of £448.60. Workplace-based gross weekly earnings had increased by 0.9% in the Lancashire-14 area over the previous year, well below the 2.3% figure for the UK.

Fylde (£520.00) and West Lancashire (£449.60) were the only authorities in the Lancashire-14 area to record estimates of median weekly workplace earnings above the UK figure of £448.60. Fylde was ranked in 33rd place while West Lancashire had median earnings of just one pound (£1) above the UK average. Wyre (£327.20) had the lowest weekly workplace-based median earnings in the Lancashire-14 area and occupied the 7th lowest position in Great Britain.

Median gross weekly pay is displayed for the 15 Lancashire local authorities, the Lancashire-14 area, North West region and the United Kingdom in the Microsoft Power BI slides below. Click on the diagonal double-ended arrow at the bottom right of the above table to enter full screen mode. Click the arrows next to the '1 to 2' label at the bottom of the table to move through figures 1 and 2.

Figures 1 and 2: Median gross weekly pay, all employees on adult rates of pay, residence-based and workplace-based, April 2017 provisional figures 

Source: Office for National Statistics - Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, provisional estimates, 2017.

Residence-based v workplace-based earnings

Burnley, Chorley, Lancaster, Rossendale, South Ribble and Wyre appear to benefit the most from outward commuter flows, travelling to other higher value work locations, some outside of the Lancashire-14 area, as the residence-based earnings are greater than the workplace-based earnings in these areas, particularly in Chorley. Conversely, for Fylde, Preston and Blackburn with Darwen, workplace-based earnings are higher than residence based earnings, especially within Fylde district.

Difference in male and female full-time median weekly earnings

There remains a sizeable variation between full-time male and full-time female weekly earnings. The gap is £89.00 when measured by place of work and £74.80 by place of residence in the Lancashire-14 area.

Annual median gross annual earnings by place of residence and place of work

Median gross annual earnings for all employees by place of residence in UK for April 2017 stood at £23,474. For the Lancashire-14 area, the residence-based figure for all employees was £21,056, or 10.3% less than the UK average. Blackpool (£17,320) had the lowest residence-based median gross annual earnings within Great Britain.

For workplace-based earnings, the gross annual figure for the Lancashire-14 area for all employees was £21,000, which was 10.5% below the UK figure of £23,474. Fylde district (£28,259) had the 27th highest workplace-based median gross annual earnings in Great Britain. Blackpool had the lowest workplace-based median gross annual earnings within the Lancashire-14 area at £18,043, ranked 17th lowest in Great Britain, whilst Burnley had the second lowest in the Lancashire-14 area (£18,797), ranked 33rd lowest in Great Britain.

Further analysis

Annual earnings and hours of work, provisional estimates for 2017 (PDF 578 KB) 

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