Gross disposable household income

The aggregate amount of money that all households have for spending or saving within an area

Personal incomes

Employees, self-employed and pensioners who are liable to pay income tax.

Average earnings and hours of work

Estimated figures by both place of residence and place of work

The real living wage

Private-sector estimates by place of work

Claimant Count figures

The Claimant Count - claimants of Jobseeker's Allowance plus those Universal Credit claimants required to seek work and be available for work

Universal Credit

Payment for people on a low income or out of work, and is replacing over time various in and out of work benefits

Claimants of Jobseeker's Allowance

Numbers are affected by the roll out of Universal Credit. No longer monitored monthly here. See the Claimant Count.

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit

To be replaced over time by Universal Credit

Child Benefit

A payment to people bringing up children or a young person, and is designed to help with the extra costs this entails

Income Support

The current income support benefit which is to be replaced over time by Universal Credit

Housing Benefit and spare room subsidy withdrawal

Universal Credit will gradually replace Housing Benefit over time.

Employment and Support Allowance

Numerically, one of the largest working age benefits. Universal Credit will gradually replace this benefit over time.

Personal Independence Payments and Disability Living Allowances

Personal independence payments are replacing disability living allowances for people aged 16 to 64 from April 2013.

Working age benefits

Out-of-work and'in-work' benefits including Incapacity benefits (such as ESA), Income support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit, PIP/DLA, Housing Benefit (and a few others) for the working age population. Shows relative caseloads for each benefit, and the combination of different benefits.

Attendance Allowance

Contribution towards help with personal care for persons aged 65 or over.

Capping of benefits

Figures by household for a particular point in time

State Pension and Pension Credit

Caseload numbers and average weekly benefits for Lancashire authorities