Socio-economic classification

On the day of the census, March 27th 2011, of over one million adults of working age in the Lancashire-14 area were classified to one of 14 socio-economic classes. Lancashire-14 had lower percentages in the managerial and professional occupations than the national rates, and correspondingly higher rates in the lower supervisory, semi-routine and routine occupations. There was a slightly higher proportion of small employers and own account workers in Lancashire. Other classes revealed some but not excessive variations between the Lancashire and national percentages, but the general impression is that Lancashire is under-represented in some of the higher value work areas.

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We have provided the local authority level data for Lancashire and for England and Wales (separately) as downloads in Microsoft Excel format because of the large number of classifications involved, making the presentation of the data in a concise tabular form within the article difficult. The latter table is from the Office of National Statistics Key Statistics suite, KS611EW for local authorities, and the former is derived from it showing just the Lancashire authorities.

Socio-economic classification: Lancashire authorities (55 KB Excel)

Socio-economic classification: England and Wales local authorities (200 Kb excel)

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