The deprivation section is dominated by the indices of deprivation (IMD) that has detailed results for very small areas. The figures are updated approximately once every three years, and are a vital source of information. The results are used extensively to understand local issues, and to underpin policy objectives designed to tackle the range of problems faced in specific areas of the county.

The IMD draws attention to some very severe deprivation issues in various urban centres in Lancashire that are among the most deprived areas in England. The county has a large number of small areas in the 10% most derived localities in England. 

The IMD however is not just a measure of poverty and at the other end of the scale, it identifies the least deprived areas of the country. Lancashire has notably fewer localities in the 10% least deprived areas than the 10% most deprived, but there are a number of affluent localities in the county where residents enjoy an excellent quality of life

The county's least deprived areas are the rural/semi-rural localities that have easy access to jobs in Lancashire's urban centres, Manchester, Liverpool and the surrounding areas.  Rural localities that are more isolated have lower overall levels of affluence.

Lancashire's most deprived areas are in urban centres of towns in East Lancashire, Preston and Blackpool. These are localities that have undergone major economic and structural change over many years, and face various issues.

The fuel poverty article is updated each year, and is another data set that has a high profile. The results emphasise the large number of Lancashire households for whom fuel poverty is a real issue.

The personal insolvencies and debt issues article is another important addition to this section, and draws attention to the human cost of severe debt problems.

Lancashire is above average for social mobility, whereby people from disadvantaged backgrounds have an equal opportunity to progress. Fylde and Chorley are both hotspots, areas with high social mobility. Blackpool is a cold spot, an area with low social mobility.

Page updated December 2017