Road collisions

In the Lancashire-12 area, there were 1,840 reported road traffic collisions during 2020, a reduction of -20.2% from 2019, and a total of 2,354 in the Lancashire-14 area, a reduction of -20.1% from 2019.

The number of casualties arising from reported road traffic collisions were 2,525 casualties in the Lancashire-12 area, plus 380 in Blackburn with Darwen and 308 in Blackpool, giving a total in Lancashire-14 of 3,213.

Regrettably, 23 people were killed and 625 people were seriously injured on the Lancashire-12 area roads during 2020. In the wider Lancashire-14 area, 785 people were killed or seriously injured, which includes 86 in Blackburn with Darwen and 51 in Blackpool. In total 25 people were killed in the Lancashire-14 area.

There has been a -42.4% decrease in people killed or seriously injured since 2010 in the Lancashire-12 area, with figures falling from 1,125 in 2010 to 648 in 2020. In the wider Lancashire-14 area, figures fell from 1,353 in 2010 to 785 in 2020, a decrease of -42.0%.

These totals are illustrated in tables and figures in the road traffic collisions article and visualised in the road safety dashboard below.

Further analysis

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The report below shows Lancashire in comparison to its nearest neighbours, statistically.

The Department of Transport also produces an interactive Power BI report on casualties in Great Britain.

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