Community safety dashboard

As part of the Neighbourhood JSNA, dashboards have been created to visualise community safety related data.  Data is displayed for district, ward and lower super output areas.

For help on using these dashboards, please look at our tips and hints (PDF, 454KB).

For help on understanding neighbourhood geographies, please look at our geographies page. 

You can make selections by clicking on the down arrow next to the selection boxes and checking the box; you can put the dashboard into full screen mode by clicking on the double headed arrow in the bottom right hand corner.

Please note, there have been changes both in categories recorded and in recording practice which have significantly impacted the figures.

The crime survey for England and Wales 2018 has a section on what’s happened to the volume of crime recorded by the police which discussed the changes seen on sexual offences and there is a paragraph on stalking offences which is thought to have increased due to recording compliance.

The crime data integrity re-inspection 2019 judged Lancashire Constabulary has significantly improved its crime-recording arrangements since the 2017 inspection.

For more information on how the police count recorded crime, please look at the Home Office Crime Counting Rules.




1. Police recorded crime data are not designated as National Statistics.                          
2. When interpreting data for police force areas, users should be aware of recent changes to recording practices. For further information see Section 3.3 of the User Guide.                          
3. Currently, offences of fraud are excluded from subnational breakdowns of police recorded crime. Action Fraud have taken over the recording of fraud offences on behalf of individual police forces. In the year ending March 2019 Action Fraud recorded 311,083 offences of fraud against victims living in England or Wales.                          
4. From the year ending June 2017  'Stalking and harassment' and 'Death or serious injury caused by illegal driving' offences have been removed from the violence with and without injury sub-categories and now form separate sub categories within the violence against the person category. 

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Page last updated September 2019