Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership consists of a range of public service organisations. Partners have come together to improve, promote and widen volunteering across the public sector. Partners include the county council, the Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, borough councils and other organisations. 

The aim of the partnership is to help increase community cohesion and reduce social isolation. The partnership also aims to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable adults through the support of volunteers.  

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website brings volunteering opportunities into one place. Working together we believe we can look after our volunteers better and allow them to use their skills for the benefit of all.

How to apply to be a volunteer

Some people just really need a friend. Can you be that person for an hour or two a week? To help or find out more, see our community support roles.

Perhaps you would like to volunteer outdoors or help support young people.

Apply for a volunteering opportunity with us

Or, search the full list of volunteer opportunities available on the Lancashire Partnership website.

Once you find an opportunity that suits you, select it and then click the "apply now" button.

You will now start creating your own volunteer profile, once you have completed and submitted it, a member of staff will contact to discuss your application.

If you don't hear from us within 5 working days, please email lvp@lancashire.gov.uk and quote the opportunity you have expressed an interest in and the date you completed your application. We will chase it up for you.

If you have looked through our opportunities but are unsure about the option and want some help please email lvp@lancashire.gov.uk.

What's in it for you?

Whatever your reason for becoming a volunteer there are huge benefits for you and your community. We will help you to achieve your personal goals.

Volunteering provides the experience and qualifications employers look for. It shows them that you are committed and have employability skills.

You will receive training to prepare you for volunteering and to enhance your activities. We work in partnership with other training providers and will signpost you to appropriate training for example - confidence building, employability skills, drug awareness and mental health awareness.

You should not be out of pocket financially. Where possible we will reimburse pre-agreed expenses such as mileage and car parking.

What you can expect from us

  • A full induction to your role 
  • Regular support and feedback from a supervising officer
  • Application of Health and Safety policies to volunteers' activities
  • Recognition of the different roles and responsibilities of volunteers and paid employees
  • Ongoing opportunities for training

What we expect from you

When carrying out your volunteering activities you are expected to be ambassadors for the organisation. Your volunteering activities will add great value to the services we offer to the people of Lancashire.

In relation to your volunteering activities you must:

  • Be reliable, committed and professional.
  • Act in confidence and with discretion
  • Embrace equality and diversity values
  • Have a duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of all people you deal with
  • Abide by all relevant health and safety and data protection legislation

Who can volunteer?

Anyone from an EU or EEA country is allowed to volunteer.

If you receive state benefits you can still volunteer as many hours as you like whilst you are getting benefits as long as you keep to the rules for getting them. For more information about volunteering while getting benefits visit The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) website.

Very few people are barred from employment or volunteering. Only certain convictions will stop someone from volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. A Disclosure and Barring Check (DBS) will only be made if it is required for the before taking up the role.

There are restrictions on people from outside the EU or EEA volunteering, for example; you cannot volunteer if you are in the UK on a visitor visa.

Please email lvp@lancashire.gov.ukfor more details around volunteering.