Make a difference in Lancashire


Careers in Children's Services

Lancashire is a place we’re very proud of and we’re proud of the role the county council plays in it too. As the fourth largest local authority in the country and the largest in the North, we serve 1.2 million residents and deliver a wide range of innovative, successful services that really make a difference to people's lives.

Our strengths based approach

Our Children's Services is an innovative, caring and welcoming place to work full of people committed and passionate about making a positive difference to children and young people's lives. Our service is going through a wonderful transformation embracing strengths-based approaches as we embed the Family Safeguarding model of practice. However, this is just one of a range of innovations and developments as we continue to make our Children's Services one of the most progressive places to work.

We have successfully secured a range of national funding opportunities to help us to continue to: reduce caseloads, offer the best training, increase the range of services we offer, and increase the coordination of support we deliver. This is a fantastic time to come and work for us as a variety of positive changes to our service come into effect.

Social Work Opportunities

Please check out our current job opportunities in Children's Services and find out more about working for us and what Lancashire offers. We currently recruit new social workers through our virtual interview panels every two weeks, please email E& with any recruitment questions.

Open Day - 22 October 2021

If you are a social worker, then come and find out about working for our Children’s Services at a Virtual Open Day on 22 October 2021.

We will have 3 sessions during the day, at: 

  • 10am, 2pm and 5pm

You will be able to hear from staff, including our Principal Social Worker, ask questions about what it would be like working for us and find out about the benefits we offer.

Please email E& and we will send you the link to join the virtual open day on Zoom. 

This event is aimed at social workers, however, if you are interested in working for our Children's Services, then you are welcome to come along. 

Our teams and services

We are one of the largest local authorities and have a range of full and part-time opportunities across the county in a wide variety of roles and teams from Residential to Exploitation Teams, Fostering and Adoption through to our Looked After and Leaving Care Teams.

Please follow these links for jobs in specific parts of our service:

Or here for all other current job opportunities in Children's Services

Family Safeguarding in Lancashire

Family Safeguarding is a way of working to help keep families together and achieve better outcomes for children and their parents. This is achieved through a more collaborative way of working where we motivate parents to identify the changes needed within their own families. Our Family Safeguarding teams are multi-disciplinary with adult specialists supporting domestic abuse, substance use, and mental health issues. These teams have a shared Motivational Interviewing approach and hold our core Child In Need and Child Protection work.

Supporting practice

The work we do can both challenging and rewarding at the same time. To provide the best service to our children and families, and for this work to be rewarding, front line practitioners need a positive culture and effective support around them. We are proud of the reflective, safe, healthy learning culture here in Lancashire, as well as the range of support for practitioners, particularly for staff starting out in their careers.

  • New recruits to Lancashire Children's Services attend our Social Work Academy. One of the first local authorities to set up a Social Work Academy, our programme is well developed and a fantastic support for your first year in practice. This consists of a 1 week induction programme for all staff, with a second week's induction programme for ASYE's. This is followed by regular recall days and training throughout the first year for ASYE's to support increased knowledge and confidence in practice.
  • The Academy is run by our team of Advanced Practitioners who provide a range of support, training and development across our service to help practice to be at the highest standards.
  • Staff have access to the latest research to help embed high quality practice.
  • As a large local authority we are able to offer a wide range of excellent training and development opportunities as well as many avenues for career progression.
  • All staff have the equipment they need to work flexibly at home.
  • Our managers are focused on the wellbeing and positive cultures in their teams.
  • There are a range of practitioner forums and initiatives to get involved in.

Please contact our Principal Social Worker with any questions or to discuss opportunities to work for Lancashire County Council Children's Services.