Adult social care

You can find out more about the support you could get on the adult social care pages. These include the criteria for support, assessing your needs and planning your support

You could get help from the Adult Disability Service, or Enablement Service, to help you develop confidence and skills to be more independent.

Transition to adult social care

The Transition Service will support you moving in to adult social care if you meet the criteria for support.

The team will carry out an assessment to decide on an adult package of care for you.

The adult package of care will be arranged before you become an adult so that everything is in place for your 18th birthday.

If you find it difficult to understand the assessment process on your own, you can request an independent advocate from one of these services:


Social care

Tel: 0300 123 6720

Transition Service


Tel: 01524 586160


Tel: 01772 533697


Tel: 01254 220852