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Break Time registrations

We are pleased to announce that registration for Break Time has been reopened again.

Families who missed the previous registration periods can now register.

4. Booking activities and groups

Once you have registered, you'll need to make arrangements directly with each provider to book your child or young person onto activities and groups.

Children and young people can use their hours with one provider or split them between two providers.

If you want to purchase more Break Time hours over the year then please speak to the provider or providers and make these arrangements directly with them. (You are not restricted to two providers if making arrangements directly with the provider).

Remember your child or young person's membership number (unique identifier number) when booking activities and groups.

Providers will need information about each child or young person to make sure they understand and can meet their needs and have contact details of parents and carers. The registration form does not replace the information providers will need. 

Some providers may want to meet your child or young person before they join a group or activity to get to know them first. The provider will agree with you when you want your child or young person to attend groups and activities and how you want to use your 78 Break Time hours over the year.

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If you've lost your child or young person's 7-digit membership number (unique identifier number) please contact us for a copy.

Lancashire Break Time

Break Time replaced the previous Lancashire Break Time service from 1 April 2022. Not all of the Lancashire Break Time providers are available to deliver Break Time activities from 1 April 2022. This is because they were either unsuccessful or did not submit a tender.  The way in which the Council now commissions Break Time activities and groups means that providers can submit a bid at any time and, if they are successful will be awarded a contract to deliver Break Time activities.

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Lancashire Short Break Services Statement

Information about the short breaks services available to meet the needs of families with disabled children in Lancashire.