Break Time short break activities

Break Time registrations

We are pleased to announce that registration for Break Time has been reopened again.

Families who missed the previous registration periods can now register.

3. How to register

Complete and return the registration form by email or post.

You can download the above form and return it by email or print and return it by post to:



Policy, Commissioning and Children's Health,
2nd floor,
County Hall,

Don't have a printer?

If you would like a paper copy of the registration form to be sent to you, please contact us.


If you need any help completing a registration form please contact us or ask a professional involved in supporting your child or young person to help you.

If you've lost your child or young person's 7-digit membership number (unique identifier number) please contact us for a copy.

What happens next  

We'll need to check your child or young person meets the eligibility criteria to attend Break Time. As part of this we'll check Lancashire County Council's records. This will include checking if your child or young person is on the SEN Register or is known to the Inclusion Service.

We may need to contact you to discuss how your child or young person meets the eligibility criteria.

You will receive a letter within six weeks to tell you the outcome of your registration.

  • If your child or young person is allocated 78 Break Time hours the letter will explain what you need to do next.  
  • If your child or young person is not allocated Break Time hours, the letter will explain why this is.

Where the demand for Break Time exceeds the availability of the service, eligible children and young people will be prioritised for Break Time by the date on which their registration form was received.

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