Starting primary school (reception)

Information for parents about applying for reception places for September 2024.

11. Transferring from infant to junior school

In Lancashire, there are 5 infant and 5 junior primary schools. These are separate establishments, but are closely linked. 

These are:

  • Ribbleton Avenue Infants and Ribbleton Avenue Juniors (Preston)
  • Leyland Methodist Infants and Leyland Methodist Juniors (South Ribble)
  • Leyland St Andrew's CE Infants and Woodlea Juniors (South Ribble)
  • Rosegrove Infants and Lowerhouse Juniors (Burnley)
  • Whitefield Infants and Lomeshaye Juniors (Pendle)

If the junior school is able to admit all Year 3 applicants, then this will be arranged locally and will automatically happen each September.  If, however, there are more applicants for Year 3 than available places (and anybody may apply for a Year 3 place, including new to area families), then a formal admission round will take place using the determined admission criteria.

For these pairs of schools, the sibling criterion will be applied across the full age range, ie reception to Year 5 for reception and Year 3 admissions and reception to Year 6 for in-year requests.

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Apply online for a school place

Apply online

The deadline to apply for a primary school place for September 2024 is 15 January 2024. Any applications received after the deadline will be classed as late.