Apply for a primary school place

10. When you'll find out

School places for September 2019 admissions will be announced for primary schools during working hours on 16 April 2019.

We will email your primary school offer and you will be able to view this online. We can't confirm results with you over the phone due to data protection.

Due to the number of applications we receive, we can't provide updates on your application between the closing date and your official offer. Don't worry though, if there is a problem with your application we will contact you.

If you applied late you may receive your offer after the official offer date.

If you submitted a paper application form you'll receive your offer by post, after the official offer date.

What happens next

You don't need to confirm the place with us. However, the school or academy may contact you to confirm the place, please respond if they contact you direct.

If the offer is not one of your preferred schools or academies this is because other applicants had higher priority within the determined admission arrangements.

Help with school costs

Once you know which school your child will go to, you can check whether they will be eligible for free school meals or free travel to school.

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