Age restricted products – Check 25

We support businesses to stay within the law when retailing age restricted products. You can access free resources to prevent you selling these products to under18s.

What is Check 25?

Check 25 means procedures should be established, and put into practice, so that when any customers who appear to be below the age of 25 attempt to buy any age restricted product, they are always asked to show suitable proof of age so that you actually verify that they are old enough to be served.

How can I achieve what is required?

There is flexibility as to how you may achieve the requirements. The policy adopted in an independent convenience store may be very different to that applied in a major supermarket.

Our sample premises age verification policy has been developed with local retailers in mind and suggests what we consider to be best practice. You may choose to do things differently but you will need to be able to demonstrate that your policy prevents anyone under 18 being illegally supplied with any age restricted products.


Resources for retailers to download and print.