LPS CARE - Provision of a Provider List for Day Time Support Service for Older People and People with Dementia - RFQ 15199149,2

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RFQ 15199149,2

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Provision of a Provider List for Day Time Support Service for Older People and People with Dementia.


The Authority is inviting suitably experience Service Providers to apply for their Day Time Support service(s) to be included on the Authority's Provider List of Day Time Support Services for Older People and People with Dementia. The List has been open from 1st July 2018 and will remain open for a maximum of 10 years (unless terminated early).

To gain a place on the Provider List, Service Provider will need to satisfy the selection requirements, have no grounds for exclusion and confirm they meet and will maintain the Minimum Quality Standards throughout the period of validity to be added to the Provider List.

The Provider List does not provide any guarantee of business to any individual Service Provider. Now the Provider List has commenced, any Service User can access the Provider List and choose which daytime support they wish to attend from the Authority's website. Referrals can be made directly by the Service User, family and carers or via a social worker and the Authority's Care Navigation Service.

An engagement event focusing on the future of older people's daytime support took place on 12th June 2017, please see tender documents on the Sourcing Portal for notes.

The Provider List is be open for 10 years and Service Providers are invited to submit an application at anytime from 1st June 2018 using RFQ number 15199149. Please see link below to access the tender documents, where you will also see timescales for evaluation.

Tender Process Closing/Return Date

Open list until 30/06/2028

Further Information & Documentation to be requested from (web location)

iSupplier Portal (Sourcing Supplier)

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Indicative £1,733,000

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Indicative £17,330,000

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Open (non-OJEU)

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North West

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Open list until 30/06/2028

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Jackie Riley or Kirsty Harrison

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Jackie.Riley@lancashire.gov.uk or Kirsty.Harrison@lancashire.gov.uk

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01772 531282 or 01772 538079

Awarding Authority

Lancashire County Council

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