State Pension and Pension Credit


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The May 2015 state pensioner caseload in the Lancashire-14 area was 301,430. People are living longer so the general pattern is one of increases in the number of pensioners. Many enjoy a reasonable standard of living, and a number of coastal and rural areas of Lancashire are particularly attractive to the older generation. A range of new and established housing developments specifically target this age-group, adding to the concentration of pensioners in certain areas of the county.

A large proportion of the retired population does however have limited financial means and the pension credit caseload amounted to 57,220 in the Lancashire-14 area. High numbers of pension credit claims are associated with inner-urban areas where the older population does not form a large proportion of local residents. The pensioners that reside in these areas however are often those in most need of this benefit.  The number of pension credit recipients however has been on the decline, with the increase in the female retirement age leading to a fall in eligible claimants.

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Page updated November 2015