Gross disposable household income


The Lancashire-14 area had a total gross disposable household income (GDHI) in 2014 that amounted to £22.34bn. This sum represented 1.9% of the national total and a fifth of the overall figure for the North West region.

The Lancashire-14 GDHI in 2014 was the 27th highest out of the 40 UK NUTS-2 regions in a range that extended from Surrey, East and West Sussex (£61.9bn) to the Highlands and Islands (£8.1bn).

By head of population, the figure for Lancashire-14 in 2014 was estimated at £15,178, or 84.5% of the UK average.  Between 1997 and 2014, the GDHI per head figure for Lancashire-14 showed a pattern of slow overall decline relative to the national average. The latest per head figure of 84.5 compares unfavourably with rates of 88.8 in 1997 and 87.0 in 2009.

The Lancashire figures are further split by six areas that coincide with the European Union NUTS-3 definitions. For total GDHI, the mid-Lancashire figure recorded the largest amount (£6,137m), but the per head result for Chorley and West Lancashire of £16,338 was the highest in the Lancashire area.

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Page updated May 2016