Care leavers local offer

In 2018 all local authorities across the UK have to publish a local offer for care leavers, this includes Lancashire. 

The local offer is very important, it contains crucial information about services to help care leavers. It aims to improve the support available to care leavers as they take their first steps into independent living.

We will launch our local offer during National Care Leavers week 24 October to 2 September 2018. Until then, you can find information in the leaving care section or speak to your personal adviser or social worker.

Watch our video or read on to find out more about the local offer, support, rights and entitlements for care leavers

The local offer aims to improve the support available to care leavers as they take their first steps into independent living, creating a foundation by equipping them with knowledge and skills as they begin to build the rest of their lives.

How will this happen?

Care leavers are the experts!!

This year Lancashire County Council held a consultation day at Lancaster University and care leavers from across the county attended to discuss the local offer.

It was a chance for care leavers to meet with each other, meet with staff and decision makers and have their say.

The day consisted of workshops where participants were encouraged to get involved and share their experiences, express their concerns and suggest what could be improved upon.

Subjects and issues raised were:

  • Education, employment and training
  • Housing
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Leisure services
  • Travel in local area

With the aim of getting as many views and ideas as possible about what services care leavers needed.

It was a day where care leavers could have their voices heard and for their voices to make a positive difference on the future of care leavers and care leaver policy going forward.

"You've said a lot now make it happen"!!

Workers might not hit the nail on the head every time and that's ok, they just pledge be honest and upfront!!

Lancashire is a big county and for those care leavers not able to attend the consultation in Lancaster an on-line questionnaire was created and staff gained a lot of information from that too.

So what happens next?

The data and feedback gained from these activities is very valuable to local authority in that it helps the shaping of services for the future.

All the ideas and suggestions have been shown to decision makers and now decisions are final the care leaver local offer is published.

Who is the local offer for?

The local offer is for Eligible, Relevant, and Former Relevant care leavers. This legal status is based on your age, when you were in care and for how long. See the leaving care entitlements section to find out more about your legal status and what you're entitled to.

If you’re a care leaver confused about if you’re Eligible, Relevant or Former Relevant speak to your social worker or personal adviser who will be happy to explain how this applies to you.

Understanding Corporate Parenting Principles

The Government have introduced a set of Corporate Parenting Principles that require all services within a local authority to recognise their role as corporate parents.

The Corporate Parenting Principles are:

  1. To act in the best interests and promote the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children and young people
  2. To encourage children and young people to express their views, wishes and feelings
  3. To take into account the views, wishes and feelings of children and young people
  4. To help children and young people gain access to and make the best use of services provided by the local authority and its relevant partners
  5. To promote high aspirations and seek to secure the best outcomes for children and young people
  6. For children and young people to be safe and for stability in their home lives, relationships and education or work
  7. To prepare children and young people for adulthood and independent living

Personal adviser support up to the age of 25

The government have decided from 1 April 2018 personal advisor support to care leavers will be extended up to the age of 25.

Corporate Parenting Strategy

To bring this altogether, Lancashire County Council and its partners:

  • health
  • education
  • housing
  • probation

have written a strategy that sets out a plan for children in care and care leavers for the next four years.

Children and young people will be continually consulted with to make sure the plans are put in place and Lancashire County Council is doing what they said they would.

More information

Don't forget, you can get extra information from your personal adviser or social worker and take a look at Facebook-Central Staycentred or North-Northview4U.

Lancashire Youth Zone also has information on there about LINX (children in care council) and other groups for care leavers.

Please use your voice.

Get involved and tell us what you need.